Techno-Safe Consultants (TSC) has adopted an Integrated Management Policy which is in line with the principles of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

We hereby express our commitment to provide the highest quality of HSE services to exceed client satisfaction through continual improvement while according due importance to the health and safety of all our stakeholders and conservation of the environment.

Our most valuable asset for achieving these objectives is the expertise, experience and commitment of the people working for us. Therefore it is our explicit policy to integrate them well into our organisation and encourage them to contribute and participate. Special attention is being paid to the training of all new employees and updating existing employees to work with the procedures and structure which have been initiated, to ensure continuity of performance as well as continual improvement.

Our core competence in delivering high quality HSE services lies in understanding customer requirement through quick assimilation of data and information and processing it to provide tailored solutions that are cost effective and help our clients meeting their long-term goals effectively and efficiently.

TSC is committed to identify, eliminate and reduce business, environment, health and safety risks through continual improvement and adherence to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and meeting compliance obligations.

Top Management is committed to ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve these aims in competent manner while still protecting Health, Safety & Environment.”

Issued and Approved By Document No & Rev No Designation Signature
Mr. Ganesh Venkatraman TSC/IMS/PL/01 MD